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Phone      (002 02) 227 383 29

Mobile      (002) 010 667 23 44

USA         (001) 786 468 8011


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FlyAway Department


2, First May Building - Nasr Road

Nasr City - Cairo- Egypt

Flyaway is the only representative for Dean int. in Egypt


  • We are a flight training school located at Tamiami Kendal airport , Miami , Florida.

  • We are located just 20 minutes from Miami international airport and less than 30 minutes from Miami Beach which is one of the best Beaches all over the world.

  • Our airport offer the safety and training benefit by being a tower controlled airport but without the hassles and delays of a congested airport.

  • We offer best and convenient price all over the USA.

  • Due to Miami weather , you can train round the year which will enable you to finish in the shortest time.

  • With our large fleet of over 45 aircraft , we have the capacity to have you finish in around 6 months however some student have completed in under 4 months.

  • We are FAA approved CFR part 141 flight academy this means that our aircraft and training material must all be approved by FAA ( part 61 training is also available ).

  • Our experience staff will assist you throughout your stay in Miami.

  • Safety , Quality , Flexibilities , this are the quality that set Dean int. apart of any other flight school.

  • All these factor means you can count on us to provide top quality training in safe and reliable environment.




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